The most traditional way to teach Chinese characters is the use of 三字經 Three Character Scripture (Three), 百家姓 Hundred Family Names (Hundred) and 千字文 A Thousand Characters (Thousand), or in short 三百千 Three, Hundred and Thousand, which had been widely in use all over China for more than a thousand years (張志公, 1999, pp. 3-42).

A more meaningful way to learn the written forms of the characters is to take advantage of the historical origin of how the characters were created as they were in ancient time (i.e., 字理識字(learning the characters by rationales)).

In the eighties, 蘇靜白 Su in 河北滄州 Cangzhou, Hebei suggested to organize the training of the characters systematically from simple to compound characters (i.e., the essence of 部件識字(learning the characters by component)).

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